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.I Wish for Something Sweet.

A Love Affair With Cake...

La Lapine Noir
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A Rabbit's Tale
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And now, a few words...

Watermelon, giraffe, earmuffs, wiggle, and fidget.

I'm Christina, and you probably came to see me because I wear lolita fashion. Photobucket My style is inspired by various artists and works of art, but mostly by Kira Imai. I'm always trying to become a better lolita, a better artist, and a better person. As of now, I'm rather vain, difficult to get to know, insufferably lazy, and deer-in-headlights shy. I don't think any of those are good qualities. I apologize in advance.

My journal is quiet, but you're welcome to add me. I will add you back. Though it isn't recommended because of those aforementioned bad qualities.Photobucket

As of August 17th, my Livejournal name has changed from Boxedtea to Lapinenoir. Sorry for any confusion!

Photobucket, Stina


Oh, still curious, are you?

As I may have mentioned, I am an artist. I work on a private, freelance basis. If you were wondering, my art site is also down for now. If you're already familiar with my work, you can still buy prints off of my site by sending me a note, or you can contact me here with any questions about my art. I'm not open for any kind of commissions. Life is too crazy right now. Photobucket

Thanks anyways for the support! It helps!

(you know, more or less)


And since I have a lot of space to fill before my profile will even out, why not post a little Q&A?! ...I apologize, I got a little excited, there.

Favorite Lolita Style: More of a mature-ish Sweet lolita with the occasional OTT flair. I love Angelic Pretty, but BtssB's romantic, princess feeling appeals to me more.

Other favorites: Final Fantasy/Squeenix Games (FFX), CLAMP, pink, pomeranians, peonies, Starbucks, cake, and chocolate.

I hope that satiates your curiosity (you know, if you indeed had said curiosity).


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eeeek, it came to life. Photobucket
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